Hysterectomy through belly button leaves no scars

Hysterectomy through belly button leaves no scars

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LONDON: In a surgical feat, medical doctors have operated on a girl which they declare is the primary hysterectomy in Europe by means of a tiny incision in her stomach button, leaving no seen outward scars.
The approach, referred to as single incision laparoscopic surgical procedure, is the most recent improvement in keyhole surgical procedure the place the devices are inserted by means of the stomach button together with a tiny digital camera and surgeons manoeuvre inside utilizing a TV monitor.
Surgeon Thomas Ind, who led the crew which carried out the hysterectomy the surgical elimination of the uterus  on the girl named Debbie Worth, mentioned the tactic is simply an extension of what’s already being performed with keyhole strategies.
As an alternative of constructing three or 4 holes for devices we simply make one gap. The sufferers like the thought of not having three or 4 little scars throughout their tummy, he mentioned. Worth, 46, determined to go for the operation after struggling for years with adenomyosis a painful situation the place the womb lining grows into muscle of the uterus.

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